Willow Make-up Bag

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This pastel pink make-up bag features a polarized light microscopy image of aspirin, which naturally comes from the leaves of a willow tree. The floral pattern created by the crystals under the microscope was a happy coincidence!

Design created by Justin Zoll, an Ithaca-based photographer who has taken an interest in microscopy - as a photographer first and a science enthusiast second. Justin tries to lend a landscape photographers touch to the diverse world of micro photography while learning as much as he can along the way.


Design features:

  • 100% real scientific image
  • bright, vivid (long lasting)
  • handmade to order in the UK
  • design featured on both sides of the bag

Material features:

  • inner lining: white, waterproof
  • outer lining: brushed polyester
  • golden zipper
  • soft feel

Size features

  • spacious interior can hold all of your essentials
  • H13 x W6 x L23 cm