Psychedelic - iPhone 6/6s Plus Tough Line Case

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Don't worry you are not hallucinating! We actually designed this iPhone 6 Plus case with an image of hydroquinone crystals and guess what: we didn't expect a chemical compound that is used in skin whitening creams to look that exciting under the microscope! Why not go for a trippy phone case this time ;)

Created by the award winning Carol Roullard.


Design features:

  • Slim Line phone case design featuring 100% real science from under the microscope
  • Gloss finish with bright, vivid and long lasting colours
  • Full wrap 3D print covering the sides and the back of this phone case

Protective features:

  • Two-component phone cover with polycarbonate shell and black TPU (rubber) insert
  • Guarantees all-around protection of your device
  • Protects all sides of the phone from bumps and scratches
  • Silicon lid protects the screen of the device from toughing the surface when rested with the screen facing the surface

Other features:

  • High precision fit
  • Tough Line means: extremely durable, super protective, slim and lightweight
  • Camera, charging socket and volume controls are easy to access
Made in the UK and South Korea