Plutonic Rock - iPhone 8 Slim Line Case

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Nope, it's not another marble phone case - this iPhone 8 design features Granodiorite, a rare igneous mineral rock! The colours are created with polarized light shining through the quarz of the rock making this phone cover the perfect gift for any geologist or rock lover.

Created by the award winning Prof. Michael Peres from the Rochester Institute of Science and Technology in New York: Michael is a professor of biomedical photography and teaches photomicrography, biomedical photography and other related applications of photography in science.



Design features:

  • Slim Line phone case design featuring 100% real science from under the microscope
  • Gloss finish with bright, vivid and long lasting colours
  • Full wrap 3D print covering the sides and the back of this phone case

Protective features:

  • One-component phone cover with polycarbonate shell
  • Protects back-, left- and right side of the device from bumps and scratches

Other features:

  • Fits iPhone 7 and iPhone 8
  • High precision fit
  • Slim Line means: durable and super lightweight
  • Camera, charging socket and volume controls are easy to access
Made in the UK and South Korea