NASA Universe - iPhone 8 Slim Line Case

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NASA says: Contact Light! This stunningly beautiful phone cover is a must have for all the space cowboys out there. Geek chic or astronaut swag? Rock your new iPhone 8 with this super exciting phone case featuring Crystal Violet under the microscope!

Created by Nick Viana: Nick is a music supervisor for Sony Music (department: Sony Extreme Music).


Design features:

  • Slim Line phone case design featuring 100% real science from under the microscope
  • Gloss finish with bright, vivid and long lasting colours
  • Full wrap 3D print covering the sides and the back of this phone case

Protective features:

  • One-component phone cover with polycarbonate shell
  • Protects back-, left- and right side of the device from bumps and scratches

Other features:

  • Fits iPhone 7 and iPhone 8
  • High precision fit
  • Slim Line means: durable and super lightweight
  • Camera, charging socket and volume controls are easy to access
Made in the UK and South Korea