Liquid Crystals - Tablet Case

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This multicoloured tablet case is designed with a polarized microscopy image of liquid crystals. Liquid crystals have ordered arrangements of atoms like a solid, but they still flow like liquids. The vivid rainbow colours in this design are a result of light refracting (bending) when passing through these crystals. Liquid crystals are used for display screens, such as on your iPad!

Liquid Crystals was created by Assistant Professor Vance Williams from Simon Fraser University (Canada). In his research Vance focusses on the creation of new organic materials for electronics applications such as light emitting devices (LEDs), field effect transistors and chemical sensors.


Design features:

  • 100% real scientific image
  • bright, vivid (long lasting)
  • full wrap 3D print covering sides of the case
  • gloss finish

Protective features:

  • one-component case with polycarbonate shell
  • protects from bumps and scratches
  • protects back and all sides of the device (and leaving one side free for optional application of iPad Smart Covers)

Other features:

  • precision fit for your device
  • durable and lightweight
  • easy accessibility of camera, charging socket and volume controls
  • made in the UK and South Korea