Labyrinth - Laptop Sleeve 15"

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This disco-blue 15" sleeve is designed with a real microscopy image of cholesteric liquid crystals. Liquid crystals have the unique ability to organise themselves into helical structures, creating elaborate labyrinth-like patterns as seen in this design. They are used to make display screens (LCD = liquid crystal display), so what better way to protect your device‰۪s LCD screen than with an LCD sleeve! The inside of your tech on the outside, protecting the outside of your tech on the inside. Confused?! Well let‰۪s just say it‰۪s a cool looking sleeve that will protect your laptop from bumps and scratches!

Created by Assistant Professor Vance Williams from Simon Fraser University (Canada). Vance focusses on the creation of new organic materials for electronics applications such as light emitting devices (LEDs), field effect transistors and chemical sensors.

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