How long will my order take to arrive?

Our products are handmade to order in the UK and require different fabrication processes. For more information regarding production times and country-specific shipping estimates please click here


Do you ship worldwide?

Absolutely we do!


Can I track my order?

We offer tracked shipping for international orders (outside UK) by default. If you are a UK-based customer it is very likely that your order was shipped tracked, however, some items are shipped via Royal Mail 1st Class only.


How do I put the phone case on?


Slim Line Cases:

  • Slide the side with the volume control buttons in first.
  • Snap the other side of the case in place.
  • Place the phone on a flat surface, case side down, and press with both thumbs on the bottom right corner, then press on the top right corner.

If you encounter any problems get in touch


Tough Line Cases:

Tough Line Cases come with 2 components: TPU insert and clip-on polycarbonate shell

  • Attach the TPU / rubber insert to your phone
  • Slide the polycarbonate shell (the piece with the design print) onto the TPU insert (volume buttons first) and press it down

If you encounter any problems please get in touch


Do you offer any other phone makes & models not listed on your website?

In addition to our standard portfolio we offer cases for the following makes: HTC, LG, Sony and Nokia.  If you can't find the right case for your phone make or model please get in touch


How do I return an item to you?

Please contact us 


Why are there sometimes grains/defects in the design?

Each of our designs is a genuine microscopy image, which means that there may be unusual features/defects in the image. Rather than edit these out for a smoother more digital appearance, we have chosen to maintain the original image for scientific authenticity. 


Do your MacBook cases come with a base?

Our MacBook cases come in two parts, a printed design top cover (matte finish) and a transparent bottom cover to offer extra protection to the base of your MacBook. Party at the front, business at the back :)


Do you offer wholesale?

Definitely! In fact our products are listed with a range of retailers from around the world - please have a look at our stockist page. If you believe our products are the right fit for your business just browse our current wholesale catalogue and contact us