UPROSA: Contributor Guide




Here is how the submission process works:

  1. Read this guide and our Terms & Conditions of image submission
  2. Submit your images via our online submission form
  3. Give us some time to review your submission and (a) to publish your images on our website and/or (b) to create amazing products designs from your images



We are proud to work with amazingly talented scientists, hobby microscopists and illustrators from around the world. If you work with a microscope there is a good chance that you are in the right place!  

Still not sure if your content fits - contact us



Very important!

Bigger is better... although this depends on the image application. Large image files are more likely to get licensed as they can be used for a greater variety of design applications. Please always submit the largest image size possible with the maximum resolution (dpi). Your images should ideally have a resolution of 300 dpi but we understand that you might not have created your images with the intention to license them so don't worry too much if the resolution is lower than 300 dpi. 

If possible please upload your images in TIF format! We do also accept JPG, PNG, PDF and BMP file formats (also videos can be submitted) when TIF is not an option.

Please do not submit screen shots!



Exposure & Money

Dipping the world in a cocktail of science. UPROSA was born with the idea of showcasing the beauty of science in a non-scientific way. We put your work in front of a wide range of customers enabling you to earn some extra money with your content without forfeiting any  IP. In the event we choose to create products with your images there is also a good chance that your work will be showcased in leading department stores worldwide.

For more information check our Rate Card



As many as you like

There is no limitation with regards to the number of images you can submit to us - in fact you increase the chance of selling your content significantly when submitting a higher number of images. Why? You give us more choice for our product development and our creative clients like to purchase licenses for image collections - simple as that!

To get started we would suggest to submit between 10 - 20 images but don't worry too much about the number of images you would like to submit and bear in mind: quality goes over quantity



Be smart about it!

How to Get Discovered a.k.a why should I tag my images?

Tags allow our customers to find images suitable for their design purposes. Customers are more likely to find your image if your tags accurately describe your creation. You know your images best and we recommend you spend some time accurately tagging images. 

Another (and very important) way to get your content out there is sharing the products we designed with your images / share the images that we list on our website on your social media. We would recommend to do this via our Affiliate Programme as you can earn even more money when we sell your content (you will receive royalties/commissions outlined in our Rate Card and affiliate commissions).



There are 3 types of image tags:

  • Subject tags - describe the functional subject of your research, object that your image showcases, field you work in, etc.
  • Attribute tags - describe the attributes of your image such as colour, structure, background, etc.
  • Concept tags - describe emotions, feelings, moods, ideas, etc. that can be associated with your image

When going through our online submission form you will realise that each tag field has a helpful drop-down menu which offers a preselection of tags (if you cannot find tags that fit well to describe your image you can manually add them). We recommend to use 10-30 tags for each image.



What is copyright?

Copyright is a form of legal protection that gives authors of creative work the exclusive right to display, reproduce, distribute, and financially benefit from the work they create. 

Who owns copyright?

Creators like you, unless you have given it away as part of employment contract, journal paper, etc. 

Will I be giving away the copyright of the image?

Absolutely not, you are only giving UPROSA a licence to work with and commercialise your content.

What exactly do you mean by licensing?

Copyright owners can provide permission to others to use their images in lieu of payment. By submitting your images, you are providing UPROSA the authority to sell such licenses to customers.

Do I have copyright?

Usually yes, if you created the image with your equipment in your own time. However, sometimes images belong to sponsoring institutions. Please check with your professor / department / college / university / funding body that you own copyright before submitting.

Is there further information on copyright?

Yes, please read our Copyright Guide



The gist of it...

We encourage you to read our Terms & Conditions carefully in full and to make sure that you understand them before submitting any images, because they set out the terms of the contract between us for the licence of your images. If you need any help with this, you can always contact us.

  • You retain the copyright of your image.
  • You give us the exclusive rights to commercialise the image – that means that only we, not you will be permitted to use or licence the image for commercial purposes.
  • You promise that you own all rights to the image, are free to licence it to us.
  • We will pay you a royalty based on receipts from sale of our products bearing the image, and our licensing the image to others. We are not responsible for the actions of those to whom we licence the image.
  • The amount of the royalty we pay, and the licence terms, may change over time – of course, we will notify you of any changes and you have a right to terminate the licence if you’re not happy.



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