UPROSA: Affiliate FAQs



How much can I make per month?

This highly depends on your engagement! We do not cap your earning and our commissions apply on every single sale / lead you generate:

  • 20% Commission / Sale
  • Commission / Lead


Do you have specific Affiliate Terms & Conditions?

Yes we do - you can access our Affiliate user agreement here


How often do I get paid?

We are paying our affiliates on a monthly basis (on the 15th of every month). Important: We only pay out automatically when your balance exceeds £10 - if you still wish to be paid out please contact us

Please consider that commissions on sales are paid out after a 30 days grace period as our return policies allow customers to return products within this time period. The grace period does not apply to earnings from lead generation.


How do I get paid?

We pay out via Paypal only and once a month (on the 15th of every month).


What does 'lead' mean?

A lead is someone that decides to subscribe to our newsletter or any other of our promotions.


How can I use Instagram for my promotions?

Easy! You just go on our Instagram channel, pick the post you want to use for your promotion and regram it on your feed. Please don't forget to attach your unique Affiliate Code (you can find this code in your dashboard) to help us to track that sale came through your promotion! Alternatively you can also take a screenshot of one of our posts and share the content you want to promote this way.


Which social media channel works best for promotions?

This usually highly depends on which channels you use most. We can't really give you a definite answer to this question, however we are quite successful in promoting our products via Instagram, Twitter and Email.


How long does it take until you approve my application?

As soon as you signed up you're good to go, however please allow 24 hours for activation of your Affiliate Code (15% discount code that is unique to you and allows you to incentify customers to purchase a product). Regardless of that your unique Refferal Link is active and we are able to track your sales!


How difficult is it to get started?

In order to get set up you literally only need an active email address and a password. Please notice that we payout via Paypal which is why you will need to set up a Paypal account at some point if you want to receive your commissions.


How well does the product convert?

Our current conversion rate lies between 5-7% depending on product category.


What affiliate tools do you provide?

Everything you need for your promotions can be accessed via your affiliate dashboard! You can run your promotions via email, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn sharing buttons are integrated) or through your own blog. Your unique Referral Link and Affiliate code can be copied, which allows you to run promotions via basically all online and offline media you can think of. In the end it's entirely up to you and how creative you are. Some of our affiliates use SnapChat or run ppc campaigns using their Referral Link in order to link to our website and dive their sales this way!


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