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UPROSA laptop sleeve 15 inch
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This may look like pink petals, but this design features something far less delicate, this is Beta Alanine and L Glutamine under the microscope. These amino acids are often found in bodybuilding products as they help to build and restore muscles. Tough yet feminine, this durable neoprene sleeve is the...
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This disco-blue 15" sleeve is designed with a real microscopy image of cholesteric liquid crystals. Liquid crystals have the unique ability to organise themselves into helical structures, creating elaborate labyrinth-like patterns as seen in this design. They are used to make display screens (LCD = liquid crystal display), so what...
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Are you wild or are you vanilla? You can be both! Our Safari laptop sleeve is designed with a real microscope image of vanillin, an extract from vanilla bean. Vanillin forms crystals which reflect light under the microscope, creating this animal-print style pattern. Whether in the plains of Africa or...
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Get a laptop sleeve that‰۪s a little bit extra: our Opal Plumage design features a real microscopy image of an Australian opal. The unusual black pattern is a manganese oxide plume that entered the opal along a crack, resting on a pink crystal background. Under the microscope and on your...
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Resembling a peacock pattern, this colourful laptop sleeve features a microscopy image of skin stem cells. What is a stem cell? A starter cell in the body which can grow into any type of specific cell, such as a nerve cell, muscle, blood, bone and more. Scientists like Martyna are...
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Microscopy on your mac: this laptop sleeve is designed with a cross-section of a pine stem captured with light microscopy. The mosaic purple and blue pattern are the cells in xylem (or stem) of the plant. The unique design is printed onto premium neoprene, cushioning your laptop from scratches, bumps...
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This hot pink 15" laptop sleeve features a false colour shot of granite under the microscope. Unlike granite, your laptop isn‰۪t rock-hard and needs cushioning when on the move! This neoprene sleeve protects it from scratches, bumps and spills whilst adding a vibrant splash of colour to your tech get-up.Created...
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This is not like any other marble design on the market, this is a real microscopy image of Granodiorite, a rare igneous mineral rock! The colours are created with polarized light shining through the quartz of the rock, making this laptop sleeve a unique gift for any geologist. Asides from...
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If scratches and dust on your laptop give you a headache, our Willow sleeve can help! The pretty 15" sleeve features a real image of the pain-killer Aspirin under the microscope. The polarizing light of the microscope passes through the crystals in Aspirin, refracting into the pastel patterns you see...
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This beautiful 13" neoprene laptop sleeve features a real image from a study on gene therapy for Parkinson‰۪s disease at Royal Holloway, University of London. The pink pattern is the brain cells from a rat, surrounding the point where a neurotoxin was injected. The toxin was injected to mimic the...
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Our best-selling design is now in the form of a laptop sleeve! Our striking Citrus Ocean sleeve is designed with an image of citric acid captured with a polarized light microscope. Whether you‰۪re in the office or by the beach, its water-resistant and shock-absorbent lining ensures your device is protected...
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This pink and purple 15" laptop sleeve is here to protect your tech and save the planet! The cute design is a real microscopy image of silicon nitride, a material used to create solar cells. This was created by lovely scientist and rock-climber Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte from the University of Oxford,...
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Don‰۪t be fooled by the fluffy pattern and candy floss colours, this sleeve is literally a bodyguard for your laptop! It‰۪s designed with a real microscopy image of Beta Alanine and L Glutamine, amino acids used in protein powders which help your muscles get big and bulky. Made from durable...
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50 shades of pink! This vibrant laptop sleeve is designed with an image of citric acid under the microscope. The burst of pink colours is the result of crystals in the acid refracting light under a polarized light microscope. Asides from being super colourful, our sleeves are designed to protect,...
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If you‰۪re a coffee lover, this one is for you! Designed with a real image of caffeine under the microscope, this fashionable sleeve will shield your laptop yet help it stand out from the crowd. Its durable, lightweight neoprene lining ensures your device is protected wherever you go, making it...
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This multicoloured laptop sleeve is covered with an image of Hippuric Acid (that's horse pee!) captured with advanced polarized light microscopy. Surprisingly beautiful under the microscope, this unusual sleeve design makes the perfect tech gift for a curious science-lover. Geek-chic so chic it isn‰۪t geek anymore! Created by undergraduate Confocal...
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Sun, sea, sand and‰Û_. science?! This pineapple laptop sleeve is not your average tropical design. The multicoloured pineapples are cut-outs of a real microscopy image of liquid crystals. Liquid crystals, having both the property of a liquid and solid, have revolutionised our TV and laptop display screens. Protect your LCD...
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This playful 15" laptop sleeve features a real image of a soap bubble film, captured under the microscope. The vivid multicolours are caused by the soap interfering with light; with the colours changing depending on the thickness of the film layer. Bubbles stay only on the outside though, as this...
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This 15‰۝ sleeve is designed with an image of dopamine under the microscope, the chemical in our brains responsible for pleasurable feelings like love and happiness. The orange and blue colours are the result of polarized light refracting from the crystals in the chemical, creating this colourful sleeve design. Protecting...
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