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Vogue pick and all-time bestseller: Citrus Ocean is the perfect fashion case for any occasion. The design features citric acid forming colliding oceanic waves when looking at it through the lens of a microscope. Under polarized light clear crystals turn into brilliant oranges, blues and greens making this iPhone 8...
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NASA says: Contact Light! This stunningly beautiful phone cover is a must have for all the space cowboys out there. Geek chic or astronaut swag? Rock your new iPhone 8 with this super exciting phone case featuring Crystal Violet under the microscope! Created by Nick Viana: Nick is a music...
Quick look
Don't worry you are not hallucinating! We actually designed this iPhone 8 case with an image of hydroquinone crystals and guess what: we didn't expect a chemical compound that is used in skin whitening creams to look that exciting under the microscope! Why not go for a trippy phone case...
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A truly unique phone case for your iPhone 8! Forensic scientists use Crystal Violet to stain bacteria and make them visible - we thought it could make an amazing phone case design. Who would think that after being dried on a microscope slide, Crystal Violet forms a menacing-looking, jarring blue...
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This stunningly beautiful iPhone 8 case is designed with an image of dopamine captured under the microscope - dopamine is the chemical that is responsible for pleasurable feeling like love and happiness. So be prepared to spread some science love and experience first hand how people won't stop asking you...
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Wine lover watch out _ this is your chance to dress up your new iPhone 8! Tartaric acid is a crystalline organic acid that occurs naturally in many plants, most notably in grapes (Wine). We used a polarized light microscopy panorama of sulfamic and tartaric acids to create this lovely...
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The most hygienic phone case in the world! The secret life of this case design for your new iPhone 8 is a modest household chemical that manifests itself spectacularly under polarised light. This phone cover is designed with an image of Epsom salts from under the microscope :) Created by...
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Forget about marble.. it's gem time! Check out this super unique rock phone case design featuring an image of a real Topaz crystal from under the microscope. The Topaz cracked in the growth environment and partially healed leaving a thin fluid film behind that exhibits thin film interference, which you...
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For coffee lovers! This beautiful iPhone 8 case is designed with an image of caffeine and beta-alanine from under the microscope. Never run out of coffee again and style your mobile with this totally unique fashion phone case! Created by Matt Inman: Matt started using his very second-hand Leica ATC2000...
Quick look
Strong, stronger, strongest!!! Protect you new iPhone 8 with this super slick case design featuring a scanning electron microscope (SEM) image of graphite layers. A super unique phone case for those who need this extra bit of protection! Created by Daniel Oldfield: Daniel is a PhD Student at RMIT University....
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Love is in the air! The ultimate happy design for your iPhone 8 created with dopamine from under the microscope. Dip your phone into a cocktail of science and let this iPhone 8 phone case do some magic to your style. A fashion phone case for any occasion! Created by...
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The ultimate geology phone case for rock lovers! When gem minerals grow, they occasionally trap some of the growth solution in voids and irregular channels. These fluid inclusions can show intricate interconnected patterns and that's exactly what you can see in this iPhone 8 case design! The perfect science gift!...
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Staff pick: We were truly inspired by the beautiful landscape and colours of Hawaii when we created this super unique phone case design from an image of liquid crystals from under the microscope. Kauai, Maui and Molokai - this is the perfect fashion phone case to protect your iPhone 8!...
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Back to school with the UPROSA Lab Doodle phone cover for iPhone 8! Don't waste any more time and geek up your new phone with this beautiful science gift - 100% nerd approval! FEATURES Design features: Slim Line phone case design featuring 100% real science from under the microscope Gloss...
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Touch it, use it, feel it.. Getting ready for tonight? Have fun but don't forget about tomorrow morning! This super flashy phone case designed with an image of Aspirin from under the microscope will get you and your iPhone 8 through the night (and the next morning)! Created by Ingrid...
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Caribbean phone accessories: This amazingly beautiful phone case design features a microscopy image of columnar liquid crystals wrapped around pineapples. Ready for a holiday? Make sure you don't forget to tune your iPhone 8 with this scientific designer phone case :) Created by Assistant Professor Vance Williams from Simon Fraser...
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All you need is love— Like them or not the Beatles were right and that's why we created this super unique iPhone 8 cover designed with an image of dopamine from under the microscope. Get ready to spread some science love with this ultimate love case ;) Definitely one of...
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Forgot your swimsuit? No worries we can go skinny dipping ;) This phone case design goes right under the skin _ a true science case for science lovers showcasing elastin fibers in a section of skin under the microscope. What better way to protect your new precious iPhone 8! Created...
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It's time to boost your new iPhone 8 with some colours from under the microscope! This unique phone case design features real liquid crystals from under the microscope - pretty awesome ha? Created by Assistant Professor Vance Williams from Simon Fraser University (Canada). Vance's research focuses on the creation of...
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Smoking hot! This super slick black phone case for iPhone 8 features the chemical structure of nicotine under the microscope! Smokers, this is literally the best way to protect you brand new iPhone 8 from bumps and scratches! Created by Ella Marushchenko: Ella combines PhD-level scientific knowledge with professional art...
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