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Rise and shine and get ready to rock and roll with this beautiful hairbrush designed with a real image of caffeine under the microscope! This mixed bristle brush helps to liven your hair with long nylon strands to separate and smooth, and short natural bristles to distribute oil and give...
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This beautiful hairbrush is designed with an image of real crystals under the microscope! The chemical crystals are the natural hormone DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone). Asides from creating rainbow crystals under the microscope, DHEA is used to produce testosterone and oestrogen and has many other biological functions. The perfect beauty gift for...
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Show your wild-side and let your hair down after styling with our mixed-bristle Safari brush! This brush is designed with a real microscope image of vanillin, an extract from vanilla bean. Vanillin forms crystals which reflect light under the microscope, creating this gorgeous pattern reminiscent of animal-print. Created by Justin...
Quick look
Make your hair majestic with our dual-fibre round hairbrush! Designed to detangle, smooth and add shine, this one-for-all brush is the only styling tool your hair needs. The pastel-pink brush features a real image of amino acids Beta Alanine and L Glutamine under the microscope, resulting in a pretty Japanese-style...
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This hypnotic marble-effect hairbrush design features a real macro image of soap film. The marble-effect is a result of soap films colliding, and was creatively captured by Kym Cox, a photographer and visiting research assistant to the Foams and Complex Systems Group, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin.The physics behind...
Quick look
Like black and blue marble... just a little bit more special! This truly unique hairbrush design features Granodiorite under the microscope. The rock's colours completely change when polarized light shines through the quartz making this design the perfect bathroom essential for any science lover.Created by the award winning Prof. Michael...
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Our pink and yellow Lollipop hairbrush is designed with a polarized microscopy image of sulfur. While sulfur is naturally yellow, polarizing light reflects rainbow colours from its crystals. This round brush is the perfect gift for the science or sweet-lover!Created by Ingrid Parrington, a creative microscopist with a BSc in...
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You won't find this anywhere else: this hairbrush design features a cross-section of a pine stem under the microscope. The mosaic purple and blue pattern are the cells in xylem or stem of the plant. Our mixed bristle hair brushes work well for all hair lengths and textures and you...
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This disco blue dual-fibre hairbrush gives you the best of both worlds: long nylon bristles to detangle knots, and thick natural bristles to give your locks glossy shine and smoothness. To add science style to functionality, this unique brush is designed with a real microscopy image of cholesteric liquid crystals!...
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Our Bubble Web hairbrush is designed with a real image of soap bubbles captured with macro photography. The mixed fibre brush can be used on wet and dry hair, so pop yourself into a bath and pamper your tresses while soaking in glorious bubbles. The perfect beauty gift or treat...
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This hot pink hairbrush features a false colour close-up shot of granite under the microscope. The glossy hairbrush also adds gloss to your locks with dual fibres for detangling and adding smoothness and shine. This pretty-in-pink brush adds a splash of colour to your beauty bag and is the only...
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Keep your hair happy! This hairbrush is designed with an image of dopamine under the microscope, the chemical in our brains responsible for pleasurable feelings like love and happiness. The orange and blue colours are the result of polarized light refracting from the crystals in the chemical, creating this radiant...
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This sweet hairbrush is designed with a real image of soap bubbles, captured under the microscope! The dual nylon and natural fibres make it the best straightening brush: separating and smoothing strands while helping to redistribute your hairs natural oils, leaving your locks silky smooth. Looking like a giant lollipop,...
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Our Pondlove hairbrush is designed with a real microscopy image of pond microorganisms! A cool science gift or a beauty treat to pamper yourself, this high-quality mixed-bristle brush works well for all hair lengths and textures.Created by Dr Simon F. Park, a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Surrey,...
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Our Anesthetic hairbrush is a unique beauty treat: the brush is fully wrapped in a real image of anesthetic crystals under the microscope! The crystals reflect light into beautiful green and blue colours. Not just a pretty design, our brush has high-quality mixed natural bristles to leave your hair smooth,...
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Give your hair some strength: This baby pink and blue hairbrush showcases a polarized light microscopy image of Beta Alanine and L Glutamine. These amino acids are found in protein powders to help gym-goers get big and bulky. Our brush can add strength to your locks with nylon bristles to...
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Peace, love and hippuric acid! Feel the hippie love with this multicoloured hairbrush designed with a real image of hippuric acid under the microscope. The ombre colours are the result of crystals reflecting light. This brush can tame even the longest of tresses with nylon fibres for detangling and natural...
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Does brushing your hair give you a headache? Our pastel pink Willow dual-fibre hairbrush can detangle even the thickest hair with ease leaving it silky smooth and shiny. What’s more, the pretty design is a real microscopy image of pain-killer Aspirin! Pain-free brushing with a gorgeous pink brush – the...
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This pink and purple mixed-fibre hairbrush is here to tame your tresses and save the planet! The cute design is a real microscopy image of silicon nitride, a material used to create solar cells. This was created by lovely scientist and rock-climber Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte from the University of Oxford, a...
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